Homecoming 2005

The Maritime Industry Museum at Fort Schuyler, on the campus of SUNY Maritime College, honors it graduates that were lost at sea in the museum's Hall of Honor. It is now intended that the Hall of Honor will be expanded to also include those of our alumni who were lost as a result of terrorist action.

Died at Sea
Richard Calderon '87 Died Oct. 9, 1991 - Lost flying a SH-3 helicopter that crashed
Cadet David Simm, Jr. '36 Died June 25, 1936 - Lost Overboard SS Exeter
John Arthur Johnson '55 Died May 9th, 1960 - Cold catapult off the USS Independence
Terrorist action
Richard Klares '63 9/11
John Swaine '86 9/11
Richard Huczko '82 Iraq
Robert Pagnucco '59 Pan am Flight 103 Lockerbie

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