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The museum is housed in the halls of historic Fort Schuyler, on the campus of the State University of New York (SUNY) Maritime College, Bronx, New York. The museum was initially started in 1986 when Capt. Jeffrey W. Monroe, a former Associate Professor of Marine Transportation received authorization from the college to establish the museum. Since then, steamship lines, maritime related companies, maritime history buffs and graduates of the college have donated objects and artifacts. Everything in the museum is a gift or donation.

The museum sections are displayed in chronological order. The breathtaking entrance of the museum sets the tone of your visit. Guests are asked to sign on in the log book. Your tour begins with the Underwater Exhibit with artifacts recovered from ships sunk in and around New York harbor. Visitors then proceed to the right and enter the Maritime College Training ship wing, featuring all eight training ships of Maritime College. Following the Training ship wing is the Hall of Honor, a memorial hall dedicated to graduates of the school whose lives were lost at sea both in peacetime and wartime. One then proceeds to the second deck to an exhibit which presents the Evolution of Seafaring, presenting art, paintings, artifacts, navigation instruments and ship models from the early days of sail to the modern merchant marine. Before you return to the lower deck, you can see a scale model of the Brooklyn Navy Yard as it looked in 1942 and related models in our Military wing.

The lower deck adjacent to the library is the passenger ship hall. At the entrance are the magnificent models of the Reliance, Hansa, Bremen, Argentina Maru and, Saturnia. The hall contains detailed scratch built models of many of the famous passenger liners built from the time of the Titanic to the Queen Elizabeth 2. Of special interest are the many delicately crafted passenger ship models of the master model builder, Frank Cronican. The exhibit of the S.S. United States is dedicated to Commodore Leroy Alexanderson, a 1930 graduate of the college, and features the Captain's desk and chair from the super liner.

Before you exit, please stop by our "Slop Chest" display case and browse. You can order on-line, call the museum office, or mail in a check with your order. All proceeds go towards the museum operations.

The museum is funded, staffed, and operated solely by volunteers and donations. Exhibits are being constantly changed and upgraded. Vice Admiral John W. Craine, President of the college, is President of the museum. Captain James J. McNamara, serves as Chairman and CEO; John Arntzen, Deputy Chairman, Francis J. Duffy, Executive Vice President; Captain Eric J. Johansson, Executive Director; Harold Parnham, Treasurer; William Sokol, Curator; and Patricia Perez, Administrator.

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